Brightmore Reserve

A fabulous park with a simulated road system perfect for kids up to 10 years of age to ride bikes and scooters. On the way round, kids can stop in at 'Brightmore Village' to fill up, go to the shops or take a ride on a Fire Engine or Ambulance. Younger kids can hang out at 'Central Park' with swings, a slide and spring rockers all beneath a shade sail.

Brightmore Reserve, Young Street, Cremorne, NSW
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The newly upgraded Brightmore Reserve offers a great day out for the family with plenty of open space and fabulous facilities to keep everyone happy - even the family pooch! Bring the kids bikes and scooters and take to the simulated roads. There's also ample space around the park for kicking balls, flying kites or games of tip.

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The reserve offers parking for approx 35 - 40 cars in the unrestricted car park across the road from the park. If this is full, park on the side street nearby and walk back. There is one zebra crossing to access the park but be watchful as cars come fast down the hill on Wonga Street.

Once in the park, there are plenty of trees offering shade although the cycle track is hit by strong sunshine so sunblock and hats are recommended. The track is excellent for scooters and bicycles. There are some great hairpin turns (to slow down the more ambitious child) with the straight sections providing " look at me dad " opportunities! The new Brightmore Village features a petrol station which proved very popular over and over again with all on the tricycle track - "I've just got to fill up mum/dad". The kids enjoyed staffing the Village cafe, bank and toyshop. Two vehicles, an ambulance and a fire engine, are available for climbing on and 'driving' although offered limited interest.

A small swing, slide and see-saw in an undercover gated area within the centre of the park are available but may prove tight at busy times.

There are a few seats and tables available but larger groups may need to bring both. A water bubbler is available but toilet facilities are lacking - you need to head across the road to Primrose Park although they appeared locked the day we visited. There is a petition going to get toilets built which would make this park even better. Lastly no coffee is available within cooee so bring all supplies. All in all, a lovely open space, great cycle track and a very enjoyable outing.

picnic tables, free parking, water bubbler, dogs permitted with restrictions, toilet and bbqs are across the road in Primrose Park
Age Group
Toddlers , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10
Location and Details
Brightmore Reserve, Young Street, Cremorne, NSW